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Thank you for spending time to learn about American military history. I use this website to comment on military history topics. Please take time to check out my latest publication, review my posts and add any comments you might wish to share.

Upcoming Release - Out October 1st

My new book switches focus to the 18th century. This military history provides a beginning to end account of the British expedition to conquer the West Indies in 1740-42. The campaign stands out because it represents the first overseas deployment of American troops. Thirty-four years before Lexington and Concord 4,000 American marines fought alongside the British at Cartagena de Indias and Cuba. Over 2,400 of these colonists never came home.

Cover of Disaster on the Spanish Main
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See what some noted historians think of it.

Fred Anderson, author of Crucible of War: The Seven Years’ War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754–1766. “Craig Chapman’s fine treatment of an all but forgotten episode in the history of the Americas offers scholarly and general readers much to admire and much to learn. Historians who have lamented the lack of a comprehensive, deeply researched account of the Cartagena Expedition of 1741 need complain no longer. Readers interested in the American colonial period will find it hard to put down this vivid narrative of a one of the greatest fiascos in British military and naval history. Above all, Disaster on the Spanish Main will compel every reader to confront matters as vital today as they were three centuries ago: the folly of imperial ambition and the tragedy of war.”

Richard Harding, author of The Emergence of Britain’s Global Naval Supremacy: The War of 1739–1748. “This work is a splendid operational history, drawing on both traditional narratives and the latest research in English and Spanish. Chapman has provided a riveting study of a sadly neglected episode.”

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Featured Work

Cover of Battle Hardened

Battle Hardened, an action-packed World War II memoir, details one infantryman's campaign across Northern Europe. The subject of this memoir, Lieutenant Bill Chapman, was my father. Beyond the personal stories and combat recollections, this book describes the day-to-day movements and actions of his infantry battalion from the Normandy hedgerows to the forests of Southern Germany. The narrative illuminates the vicious combat in places like Montebourg, Mortain, Schnee Eifel, and Simmringen Woods. The book is more than a small unit history. It provides a hard-edged ground-level appraisal of the successes and failures of American forces against the Nazi war machine.


"I spent 15 months in the European Theater of Operations and participated in all the campaigns that Craig depicted. I can attest that Battle Hardened is one of the most realistic books written since 1944-45." Sgt. Maj. Jack Port

"Craig has done an outstanding job of presenting the challenges that our fathers and their men faced during the war…The book’s focus on platoon and company level operations, allows the reader to gain an excellent understanding of what war is like at the lowest level." Robert H. Crocker

“Craig Chapman combines the descriptive skill of a novelist with the precision of a historian to produce a uniquely memorable account of his father's WWII experiences.” Thomas Burns

“This book does an outstanding job of conveying the fear, bravery, exhaustion, physical discomfort, and constant level of anxiety endured by the combat infantryman.” Thomas G. Matowitz, Jr.

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